Your next dream dive vacation

Scuba diving is a hobby that never gets boring, there is always a new place to explore, new fascinating fauna to see, and exotic destinations to visit, no matter if it is just locally or abroad.

We aim to regularly organize diving trips to diver's-paradise destinations... and we mean clear warm water with great visibility over 30 meters, diversity of colours, variety of corals, fish, invertebrates.
Red Sea as one of the top destinations is a home to over 1200 species of fish, over 500 types of coral and invertebrates, more than 10% of which cannot be seen anywhere else on Earth. So what can be seen - sea turtles, rays, eels, octopuses, sharks, dolphins, barracudas, clown-fish, napoleon fish, and more. The sea bed scenery goes from coral reefs and coral forests, to sand plateaus, sheer cliffs, caves and archways. There are also some famous and not so famous ship wrecks scattered along the bottom.

Here we will post information about upcoming trips and the complete offers including pricing, accommodation, flights, dives and schedule.

P.S. If we have not posted anything here, and you are curious to find out what's bubbling up behind the scenes just give us a call or drop an email and we will let you know - so that you don't miss out on a fantastic diving trip!

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