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"If we want to enjoy the beauty and diversity of this amazing planet that gives us life, we must help ourselves by doing everything possible to protect every bit of nature in all of its appearances." Hristina Nacheva

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We are eager to participate in ocean protection as we realize how important this is to our planet right now.
We support Project AWARE , and partner with them to protect underwater environments.
Each and every one of us plays a vital role towards nature conservation, and by choosing to dive with us, you will receive tips and advice to use while diving with care for the marine environment.
Stay tuned to our social media profiles and our website for information regarding upcoming events, such as diving with a purpose - collecting data, debris clean up dive, debris and garbage removal from beaches, etc.
Every adventure needs a hero - join the adventure of planet protection!
(Intro video link , credits to Project AWARE)

  • Dive Against Debris events
  • For every purchase of our branded merchandise products, part of the profit gets donated to Project AWARE or you can donate directly #TeamOcean to support their Ocean protection activities
  • PADI Torchbearer
  • PADI Torchbearer How to be an ocean hero at home.

"People Protect What They Love." Jacques Yves Cousteau

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