Black Sea

Black sea is located between southeast Europe and southwest Asia, connected to the Mediterranean by Bosporus Strait, and to Sea of Azov by Kerch Strait.

Bulgarian Black Sea coast

  • The Bulgarian Riviera has a humid subtropical climate.
  • Summer season
    May to October. Daily average temperatures during summer 24-28°C; Water temperature 20-26°C.
  • Rocky beaches and sand beaches
    White and golden wide sandy beaches.
  • Visibility 
    Depending on weather, season and plankton blooming the visibility can vary from very low to crystal clear. It varies from month to month and from year to year. 
  • Varna and Burgas
    Are the two largest cities and main ports of the Bulgarian Riviera. Both have international airports. The main Bulgarian international airport is located in the capital - Sofia.
  • Coastal borders
    To the south  - Turkey, to the north - Romania.

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